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Rooms info

All rooms are large and bright, with very good ventilation and noise shielding.

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All bathrooms are covered with tiles on the wall and heated, tiled floors and shower.

All rooms have access to wireless broadband.

The hotel's suite is furnished with a private bedroom, kitchenette and large bathroom with whirlpool tub.
Alternatively, you can choose from single, double or mini suite.

The mini-suite is 40 m2 with tiled bathroom, TV with the most common channels, and a small office space. The mini suites have the possibility of an extra bed, and a large and good double bed.

The double rooms are 24 m2 with bright colors and tiled bathrooms with floor heating, TV with the most common channels, a small office space and a large good double bed.

Single room is equipped with tiled bathroom with floor heating, TV with the most common channels, writing desk, and a lovely wide and good bed.

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