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Vomsund Golf Hotell

Vomsund Golf Hotel is located on the top floor of the AMFI Eurosenter in Vormsund,
located until E16, which runs from E6 at Kløfta, further into Sweden.

GPS Address Suggestion: Nes / Kjølstadvegen 1
The distance to Gardemoen is only 25 min by car. Distance to Oslo is only 45 minutes. Within walking distance of the hotel lies the Golf Golf Park, one of the country's finest 18 holes golf courses.

Vormsund Golf Hotel has 15 rooms divided into single, double, mini-suite of 40 m2, sleeping up to 4 people, and a suite with a great jacuzzi.

Do they have work assignments in the area.Request a Long-Term Rental Offer You can even click on our booking system to either check free availability, complete the booking yourself or send us a request by email.

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